Monday, December 15, 2008

A Daddy-Daughter Date

This year Aspen entered a drawing contest to win tickets to Molly Mouse. Molly Mouse is a ballet put on by the Children's Ballet Theater. Aspen colored her picture for days and did the best that she could. She was convinced she was going to win the tickets and kept asking us if we thought she would win too. Both Zach and I told her that if we were the ones judging, we would totally pick hers but we didn't want to set her up for rejection either. So she entered her picture and we waited to see what would happen. Well she did end up winning the tickets for her age group and she was so excited. Zach decided that he wanted to make that day especially "special" for her so he decided to take her. He bought her a corsage and even drove around the block before ringing the doorbell to pick her up for their date. He took her to dinner and requested a special table by the fireplace. Aspen talked about their date for many days afterward and was sad when her corsage had to be thrown away. Lucky for her, it came with a special bracelet that she can keep forever. Thank you Zach for being the "daddy" that you are. You are amazing and both Aspen and I are lucky to have you.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Aspen's First Snowman of the Season

Here is a picture of Aspen's first snowman of the season. She built it all by herself and improvised using cherry tomatoes and a pixie stick. Aspen is not a picky eater but tomatoes are one thing she can't stand. It isn't for lack of trying either. She has probably tried them over 50 times and she keeps trying them too, bless her heart. She does not take after her mother. I am quite possibly one of the world's most picky eaters. I feel so lucky to have her. It makes meal times so easy. My next child will probably be just like me or so I have been told. That said, you can see in the picture exactly what Aspen decided to use the cherry tomatoes for. I laugh every time I look at this picture. I can just picture what she was thinking in her head.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Picking and Carving the Perfect Pumpkin

Zach was so excited to take Aspen to find the perfect pumpkin. He found this place in Riverton that had rows and rows of pumpkins and he knew that would be the place. So a week before Halloween, we went Pumpkin shopping. When we got there, Aspen couldn't get out of the car fast enough. She found hundreds of pumpkins that she wanted. She had a really hard time picking just one for herself so we let her pick one for mom, dad and baby as well.

Then we had to carve the little beauties! Aspen was adamant about carving her own pumpkin with NO help. I was a little nervous but she did an awesome job. She did let her dad take out all the "gross" stuff. She didn't see any need for her to "touch" it. She is such a daddy's girl and Of course he loves it.

Before Aspen cut into her pumpkin, she made sure to tell it sorry. She has such a tender little heart. Her daddy loves that too. Okay, so does her mom :-).

So now that we found and carved our was time to trick-or-treat!

A Very Happy Halloween

We started celebrating Halloween about a week early. Every year at Grandpa Coops work, they hold a huge Halloween party complete with games, trick or treating, dinner and a movie. We always have the best time there and this year was no exception. Here are a few pictures from that night.

Aspen went as Cinderella this year. We bought her costume while we were in Disney Land and figured it would be a perfect time for her to wear it again.

Goofy Grandma Cam

Grandpa Coop and Grandma Laurie

Brock, Holly and Jeremy

Two Sweet Princesses Gone Fishing!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Little Run Away

Do any of you remember running away from home? I do, but it wasn't until I was in Jr. High! Aspen surprised us the other night by telling us she was catching the bus and running away from home! What! Where in the world did our 6 year old come up with this plan. Basically what happened is that her dad had gotten mad at her for playing with our neighbors mailbox. She opened it and some of their mail fell out. He told her that tampering with other people's mail is a federal offense and she needed to go and pick it up. There was no screaming or tears. She simply went over, picked up their mail and headed back to the house. She was up in her room for a minute and just as I was wondering what she was up to, she came walking down the stairs with her purse, a rolling backpack and her My Twinn doll. When I asked her what she was doing, this was her response. "Mom, I don't know how to tell you this but I am running away from home. I am so mad at my dad. He hurt my feelings and I need to leave!" I was shocked but simply said, "Okay honey, I am sorry you feel that way. Your daddy wasn't trying to hurt your feelings and I know he loves you very much. But if you need to go, then I guess you need to go." I think she was surprised by my reaction. Zach was there but couldn't say anything because he was trying so hard not to laugh. We made sure she had a jacket and her favorite stuffed animal and we asked her how she was going to get to where she needed to go. She said she was going to take the bus. The bus doesn't actually come into our neighborhood but we humored her anyway. She knows she can't go past the corner stop sign so we wondered just how far she would go. Here are some pictures of her leaving. We had to get the camera for this one. It is a little bit blurry because it was taken through the window of our house.

Here is one of her looking back to see if anyone is watching her. Of course we were!

Here is one of her waiting for the bus. She never did pass the stop sign.

We gave her about 10 minutes and then Zach went out and got her. He told her he was sorry that her feelings had been hurt and that he loved her. She decided to come home. We are glad she did. We would have missed her terribly :-).

The Scarecrow Festival-Thanksgiving Point

We went with the LaFord family to the Scarecrow Festival last Saturday. Emily and Tyson have 3 adorable kids. Alex who is 7 and twin girls who turned 2 this past July, Avery and Kendall. Aspen is convinced that she and Alex are brother and sister. If you ask her if she has any siblings she will tell you she is getting a sister after Christmas and she has a brother named Alex. They honestly do act like brother and sister. Aspen also adores the twins and loves playing "big" sister to them! Here are some cute pictures from that day. We had such a fun time. The best part was watching Emily take both girls up the slide. By the time she reached the top, you can see a line forming behind her. It was priceless. Emily you are such a good sport and Tyson shame on you for not helping her up the slide. Just kidding, we all know how independent she is. She wouldn't have let you help if you tried.

Aspen and Kendall:

Tyson and Avery:

Aspen, Alex and some really tall guy:

A picture of Emily taking her girls up the slide. Notice the line forming after her... She is the person at the very top!

Halloween Festivities

Garden after Dark-Red Butte Gardens:

We try to make it to this event each year. It is so much fun. This year the theme was, "Once Upon a Time." The girls sang in a Shrek Karaoke, they made a seed packet, a witches hat and a monkey puppet. They traveled through a glow in the dark Gum Drop Alley and fell through the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. They also collected all their stamps from each station and received a prize at the end. No, it wasn't some random cheap toy, it was a tree for them to plant! As a parent, I thought that was a great idea. As a child, they probably wanted the cheap toy. All in all, it was blast.

KeLsie, Aspen and Cassidy doing Karaoke

Some Halloween Decorations and a not so scary spider.

My Niece KeLsie hanging out with a moose.